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Nena was a German Neue Deutsche Welle band, best known for their 1983 hit “99 Luftballons”.The band was formed in 1982 when vocalist Gabriele Kerner (Nena) came to West Berlin with drummer Rolf Brendel, her boyfriend at the time.There they assembled the other members of the band, which took its name from their lead singer’s nickname (a corruption of the Spanish for “little girl”), which she had acquired as a toddler during a family holiday to Spain.

The band wrote all of their songs themselves, typically working in pairs. They became overnight sensations in Germany when they performed their debut single “Nur getr├ñumt” on German TV in August 1982, Nena herself wearing a distinctive short red skirt.The single reached #2 in the German charts, a position it occupied for 6 weeks, and also climbed high in the Austrian, Belgian, Dutch and Swiss charts.In early 1983 the follow-up single “99 Luftballons” spent a further 7 weeks at #2 before finally reaching the top slot, a position the debut album matched.

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