Red Rider, later known as Tom Cochrane & Red Rider, is a Canadian rock band popular in the 1980s. While they achieved great success in Canada, the band never had a song in the Top 40 in the United States, although “Lunatic Fringe” became a hit on album-oriented rock radio, they also hit the Billboard Hot 100 with Young Thing, Wild Dreams (Rock Me), and charted comparably to Lunatic Fringe on Mainstream Rock (AOR) with Big League, Human Race, and Power, though the former remains popular to this day.
Red Rider was formed in Toronto in 1975 when Peter Boynton (keyboards, synthesizers, vocals), Ken Greer (guitars, keyboards, backing vocals) and Rob Baker (drums) joined up with Arvo Lepp (guitar) and Jon Checkowski (bass) and began playing around Toronto, performing both original and cover music.

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